Printing Funky Tees

Do you ever wish you had this awesome print of your favorite design or your favorite character or something you obsessed over on your t-shirt? Well then wait no more. Technology today gives us the opportunity to print various simple and complex designs on our tees. These tees can be used on various occasions such as birthdays or parties. They can also be given as birthday gifts or family gifts. Children adore having their own personalized graphic print on their apparel. You can choose your own method, style of printing along with any additional wishes you have.


Here is how you can create your own tee print-

First, you need to choose a style of clothing that you wish to get your print on. You can choose from various types of tees and then can give the size for the t-shirt you selected. The T-shirts are available for men, women, and kids.

 Next, you have to give your own printing ideas which will then be printed on your tee. You can even send photos of your social media accounts telling how you want it and where you want it. You can also add a personalized text that adds to your print. Along with this, you can select from the various designs put forward the one that you like the most custom T Shirts Melbourne.


The print and design you choose will be available in full color There is no limit to the t-shirts you can order. After creating your perfect tee, place the order for it. Now all you have to do is wait for your amazing printed and designed t-shirt to arrive. Here are some tips on how you can design the best tee for yourself and other- It isn’t an immediate thing so don’t rush the creativity on your brain. Unless you get a perfect idea don’t design your tee. That way you’d just have to settle for some normal non-unique design. Go to different sites to see how you can make the best use of your choice of designing.


Don’t overcrowd your tee with a vast number of ideas. Keep things simple and subtle. Too much of anything looks bad and you don’t want your tee to be looking weirdly full instead of looking cool. You can add your personalized details on your tee but remember not to put too much of it. After thinking of the perfect design idea, make sure to make a rough sketch of it instead of directly going to get it printed. Having an idea in your mind is completely different from putting it in physical form in front of your own eyes to make sure it is as wondrous as you imagined.


If you plan on designing joke sketches on your tee, make it so that no one gets offended. Keep the jokes on a normal scale which makes everyone laugh. Humorous tees are widely sought after in the market as many people have started to like the way it puts forward the nature of the person wearing it. After you analyze the design make sure that the color selection is just as great. You want all the colors to match without any color looking odd and not matching with the rest of the tee or the rest of the design. You can select different shades of colors to your tee to make it look more astonishing and fabulous.


If you aren’t making and designing a tee for yourself, then consider the age, gender and shape of the person you’re making it for. You don’t want to print dark humor on a child’s tee and you don’t want to be printing baby cartoon shows designs for an adults tee.


Select a good printing source. You sure can do it yourself but it’s better to have a good company print it and ship it for you. Remember there are various ways and methods of printing tees, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. You must see to that that the method you chose is proper and appropriate for the type of tee you’re printing. Keep your print easy going and learn properly about the various types of tee printing as it’ll help you design the perfect t-shirt.