Printing Funky Tees

Alain Hanel is the finest and best company in Australia which manages the art of designing and printing tees. All the designing and printing work is hand-crafted and done in Melbourne and then shipped to other places all over the country. We have many offers and benefits for our customers who wish to get a tee designed and printed by us. Just for $24.95, you can have your own printed and designed tee.

We have some amazing deals for people who wish to have bulk orders.


On ordering 2-4 tees you get a 5% off discount


On an order 5-9 tees a 10% discount is given


An order consisting of 10-24 tees will be getting you 15% off.


Lastly, any amount of tees above 25 will get you 20% off.


We also offer free shipping, if your order is over $100 worth. Our reviews are proof of the fantastic service we have been providing ever since we started in early 2000. Since then, we have grown and expanded to a very large extent.

We use different methods of printing such as screen printing and digital printing to satisfy the needs of our customers. Digital printing is used full-color printing and designing based on the designs you send us. Screen printing is used for a large number of tees which involve less coloring.

Our quality is top-notch and is perfectly flawless. We make printing and designing orders for any and every design you can think of. We have partnered up with many shippers and couriers including Australia post. We also have customer service if you have any doubts, queries, and issues. So feel free to come to us with your awesome design and print of your choice and we will gladly print it out for you to wear. We assure you that you will never be dissatisfied with our service.